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The CJHC team is comprised of industry experts experienced in facilitating large scale change initiatives, healthcare operations, finance and organizational development. 


In the face of staggering health disparities, lost lives and the resulting billions of dollars that these inequities cost us all, we must collaborate in new ways to create value. This is where Chartis Just Health Collective can help.

We discover hidden opportunities for you and passionately make a case for why organizations must recognize and embrace their roles in deconstructing a system which has perpetuated injustice and led to inequities.

The Just Health Collective team was able to capture the spirit that existed in our organization, assess the readiness of our employees, and develop a change leadership plan that gave us a roadmap to an equitable future. We are already experiencing meaningful differences that are seen and felt by patients, their families, and our staff. 

Philip Brown, MD

Chief Physician Executive

New Hanover Regional Medical Center


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