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People have an 'inherent' desire and need to belong. This human experience is true for healthcare consumers and those who treat them. Both are important stakeholders in advancing health equity and belonging (the intersection of equity + diversity + inclusion). 


The Chartis Just Health Collective is here to help build a just healthcare system that is fair, impartial and representative of its community - giving employees a sense of inclusiveness, consumers a sense of trust and everyone the opportunity to achieve good health.

It's within reach.

Together, we can

make it happen.

Health outcomes are not equal for everyone. There are many reasons why but the facts are indisputable.  We are entering a new paradigm of healthcare — one that demands that we think and act very differently to create a system that works for one and all.   

In the face of staggering health disparities, lost lives and the resulting billions of dollars that these inequities cost us, we must chart a new course and collaborate with multi-sector partners to create change. Solving the problem is complicated but not impossible. Chartis Just Health Collective is here to guide you along the journey.

At Chartis Just Health Collective, we discover hidden opportunities and passionately make a case for why organizations must embrace their role in battling historical and systemic injustices in order to advance health equity. Tested and proven, we've found what works. Our deep industry knowledge, diversity of perspective, analytical prowess and tenacity allow you to break through and transform.

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