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People have an 'inherent' desire and need to belong. This human experience is true for healthcare consumers and those who treat them. Both are important stakeholders in advancing health equity and belonging (the intersection of equity + diversity + inclusion). 


We're here to help build a just healthcare system that is fair, impartial and representative of its community - giving employees a sense of inclusiveness, consumers a sense of trust and everyone the opportunity to achieve good health.

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Making Health a Shared Value

Implicit bias training 

Mitigating bias

Cultural belonging assessment

Advancing inclusion

Communication assessment and roadmap 

Developing target messaging

Health equity assessment

Dismantling institutional racism

Employee resource group gap analysis and roadmap

Supporting employee resource groups 

Health equity assessment and/or Diversity and inclusion cultural assessment

Establishing cultural humility

Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration

Executive coaching 

Gaining leader buy-in

Diversity and inclusion cultural assessment

Diversifying leadership teams

Board assessment and retreat

Advancing board knowledge

Just Health Collective Village - White male allyship group and/or executive coaching

Engaging white males

Creating Healthier, More Equitable Communities

Diversity and inclusion cultural assessment

Advancing diversity

Health equity assessment

Advancing health equity

Service line assessment and roadmap

Developing tailored care models

Health equity assessment

Establishing social determinants of health strategy 

Cross sector partnership alignment plan

Partnering across sectors

Experience analysis and roadmap

Improving patient and consumer experience 

Performance Improvement
Strengthening Integration of Health Services and Systems

Just Health Collective Village

Understanding best practices

Data collection assessment and process improvement

Collecting and using data

Financial analysis 

Measuring return on investment

Benchmarking analysis 

Benchmarking performance

Employee engagement and belonging assessment and plan 

Improving employee experience 

Health equity assessment and/or Diversity and inclusion cultural assessment

Leading change management 

HR focused

Equalizing performance management

We tailor solutions to address your challenges 

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Richelle Webb Dixon

Senior Vice President

Chief Operating Officer Froedtert

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